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Charles Hargens
Charles Hargens, The Visitor (Western Scene)

Louis Aston Knight
Louis Aston Knight, Spring Day

Louis Aston Knight
Louis Aston Knight, Spring Along the French Canal

Paulette Van Roekens
Paulette Van Roekens, Picnic

Hugh H. Breckenridge
Hugh Breckenridge, Pennsylvania River Landscape

Edward Redfield
Edward Redfield, Brittany Houses

Mary Elizabeth Price
Mary Elizabeth Price, Village Queen

Levi Wells Prentice
Levi Wells Prentice, Apples

Albert Van Nesse Greene
Albert Van Nesse Greene, Sailboats

S. George Phillips
S. George Phillips, Bucks County Farmland

Fern Isabel Coppedge
Fern Coppedge, Sea Craft

John Folinsbee
John Folinsbee, Lambertville Bridge

Mary Elizabeth Price
Mary Elizabeth Price, Floral Still Life

Leonard Nelson
Leonard Nelson, Colorfield

George Luks
George Luks, Carriage in the Park

Walter Baum
Walter Baum, Perkasie

Mary Elizabeth Price
Mary Elizabeth Price, Rock Garden

Paulette Van Roekens
Paulette Van Roekens, Beyond the Terrace

Fern Coppedge
Fern Coppedge, Gloucester Harbor

George Loftus Noyes
George Loftus Noyes, Gloucester Harbor

John Pierce Barnes
John Pierce Barnes, Spring Landscape

Harry Leith-Ross
Harry Leith-Ross, Farm

Edward Redfield
Edward Redfield, Bridge

Daniel Garber
Daniel Garber, Bridge

Kenneth Nunamaker
Kenneth Nunamaker, The Delaware Spring

William Francis Taylor
William Francis Taylor, The Lambertville House

Fern Coppedge
Fern Coppedge, House in Spring

Fern Coppedge
Fern Coppedge, Landscape with Creek

George Sotter
George Sotter, Bucks County Farm Scene

George Sotter
George Sotter, Clouds of Evening

Kenneth Nunamaker
Kenneth Nunamaker, March Thaw Point Pleasant

Harry Aiken Vincent
Harry Aiken Vincent, Drying the Sails After the Rain

Harry Leith-Ross
Harry Leith-Ross, Dibble's Farm

Edward Redfield
Edward Redfield, Christmas Morning

Fern Coppedge
Fern Coppedge, The Delaware in Lumberville

Paulette VanRoekens
Paulette VanRoekens, Country Fair

Fern I. Coppedge
Fern Coppedge, Boothbay Harbor

Antonio Martino
Antonio Martino, Spring in Point Pleasant

Edward Redfield
Edward Redfield, Crossing the Bar

Paul King
Paul King , Early Winter

Fern Coppedge
Fern Coppedge, Thompson-Neely House

Roy Nuse
Roy Nuse, Quarry at Winter

Walter Baum
Walter Baum, Delaware River

Susette Keast
Susette Keast, The Blue Nose Racing Yacht- Sir Thomas Lipton's Boat

Hermann Herzog
Hermann Herzog, Taking a Break

Walter Baum
Walter Baum, Ridge Valley / Family Portrait

Charles Hargens
Charles Hargens , Fleeing By Night

Fern Coppedge
Fern Coppedge, October on the Delaware

Leonard Nelson
Leonard Nelson, Colorfield #388

Edward Redfield
Edward Redfield, Spring

Charles Rosen
Charles Rosen, White Skies Early Spring

Hugh Henry Breckenridge
Hugh Breckenridge, The Valley

William Langson Lathrop
William Langson Lathrop, Delaware River

Walter Elmer Schofield
Walter Elmer Schofield, Winter Canal Scene

Henry Bayley Snell
Henry Bayley Snell , Houses by the River

Kenneth Nunamaker
Kenneth Nunamaker, Bucks County Farmhouse

Fern Coppedge
Fern Coppedge, Cottage

Stanley Reckless
Stanley Reckless, The Road Home

Charles Hargens
Charles Hargens, Christmas Dinner

Fern Coppedge
Fern Coppedge, Mountain Creek

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