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Michele Krauss
Michele Krauss, Truth is Power 2021
Michele Krauss was born and raised in Santiago, Chile, and then spent the majority of her adult life abroad. Her travels opened up the doors for her to study interior architecture, design and art in Milan, London, San Francisco, Miami, Madrid, Boston and New York, where she is currently based. Her numerous relocations have translated into her artwork as a constant motion, expressing conflict between stability and settlement and struggles between conformism and freedom. Krauss has exhibited nationally and internationally, participating in Contemporary Art Fairs, Solo and Group Shows in the United States, Italy, Australia, France, Japan and Chile. She has been featured in international publications such as Revista COSAS, Art Journal and Harper’s Bazaar. Her paintings have been selected to be displayed at the US Embassy in Santiago, Chile, by the US Department of State Art Curators. Her artwork can also be found in private and corporate collections worldwide. Michele has now established her permanent residence in New York City, where she has her art studio and is continuously inspired by its diversity, uniqueness and catalytic force. When Michele is not painting at her studio, you might find her on set acting for the latest TV series such as “The Undoing” “Madame Secretary” or “Bull”… Artist's statement: "I work on wood boards and canvas, intermixing different materials, like oil paints, wires and sand. By intertwining concepts, feelings and ideas, we can communicate on different levels and in a variety of ways. Symbolizing how we are wired to each other through communication, being physical, mental or spiritual, I tell a story, I keep a secret, I code a message… We are surrounded in a world of juxtaposition; it exists between motion and what is static, between the organic architecture and the man-made constructions, as well as the fluidity of movement and the rigidity of the structure. But while we find juxtaposition of elements in the landscape itself, there's also a contrast between emotions and perceptions. I represent it physically in the form of a painting, creating allegorical landscapes. Art is not isolated from social and cultural context. It participates, it’s part of it and transform it. Through subliminal symbolism, I make personal statements about social justice, global issues, gender equality, love and sometimes humor. I express hidden stories, thoughts and feelings. These are influenced by current events and issues that affect my inner world and the world, that belongs to us all. My goal of final expression, is to communicate with the viewer and create a connection that transcends time and invites you to be part of the creative process. The painting has a life of its own, which is never finished with the final brushstroke, but remains alive through energy, feeling and exchange between the viewer and the artwork."
oil on canvas, 30.25 x 24 inches
Signed on Verso
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