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    Gratz Gallery & Conservation Studio has been conserving paintings and murals since 1982. We have worked with paintings from all genres and periods, as well as with pieces which employ a wide array of mediums and grounds.

    To clean a painting, one must have a thorough understanding of art history, chemistry and various painting styles and techniques. A painting consists of layers of paint, all of which can be affected differently by various cleaning agents or solvents. If a conservator is not educated in differences between paint layers damage can occur from improper cleaning methods. Often, this damage is apparent immediately, but sometimes will not become noticeable until long after the cleaning has been done. Our conservators test each pigment individually, starting with the mildest solvents and gradually building up to the strongest cleaning agents. Our staff is able to identify various pigments and varnishes and can recreate virtually any painting style or technique.

    Conservation treatment restores the color and detail to your oil paintings, adding years of life and maximum value to even the most damaged artwork. Our conservators take pride in preserving as much as possible of the original art itself; therefore ensuring your painting retains its utmost value. We believe in honoring the original intentions of the artist. We keep up with the latest developments in conservation techniques, ensuring that our work is always up-to-date. The techniques utilized by the conservation staff are museum quality and reversible.