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Walter Emerson Baum
Walter Baum, Sellersville Snow Scene

Walter Emerson Baum
Walter Baum, South Perkasie, PA

Karl J Kuerner
Karl J Kuerner, Moonlight Serenade

Arthur Meltzer
Arthur Meltzer, Aesclepius in Foreground (Milkweed)

Frederick DeBourg Richards
Frederick DeBourg Richards, Landscape at Sunset

Horace Wolcott Robbins Jr.
H. W. Robbins, West Branch of the Ausable

John Pierce Barnes
John Pierce Barnes, House by the Canal, New Hope

Mary Stuard Townsend Mason
Mary Stuard Townsend Mason, Floral Still Life

C F Witman
C F Witman, Winter, Horses and Sleigh

Erte, Harvest

Allen Dean Cochran
Allen Dean Cochran, Old Woodstock Days

Helen Reed Whitney
Helen Reed Whitney, Water and Sky

Clara Davidson
Clara Davidson, Summer on the River

Walter Launt Palmer
Walter Launt Palmer, Winter Morning

Luther Van Gorder
Luther Van Gorder, Paris Street Scene

Edward Dufner
Edward Dufner, The Artist's Wife

Henry Mosler
Henry Mosler, Woman Resting Beneath a Tree

Harriet Randall Lumis
Harriet Randall Lumis, Gloucester Wharf

Joseph Amarotico
Joseph Amarotico, Architectural Fantasies

John Folinsbee
John Folinsbee, Orrs Island

DeCourcy L. Taylor Jr.
DeCourcy L. Taylor Jr., Spring Thaw, Maine

Robert Beck
Robert Beck, Reds

Joseph Crilley
Joseph Crilley, Amsterdam, Holland

Joseph Crilley
Joseph Crilley, Hat

Joseph Crilley
Joseph Crilley, Joe Skiing

Joseph Crilley
Joseph Crilley, Sue Skiing

Unknown, Farm Scene

Edward Chalmers Leavitt
Edward C. Leavitt, Still Life with Currants

David Fulton
David Fulton, Picnic by the River

Winfield Scott Clime
Winfield Scott Clime, Winter Afternoon

Robert Emmett Owen
Robert Emmett Owen, Red Barns

Joseph Amarotico
Joseph Amarotico, Architectural Abstract

Lester Ambrose
Lester Ambrose, On the Way to the Cocktail Lounge

Lester Ambrose
Lester Ambrose, Room Service

Lester Ambrose
Lester Ambrose, A Refill and a Light Please

Lester Ambrose
Lester Ambrose, God Bless Our Home

Lester Ambrose
Lester Ambrose, Beautiful Practice

Lester Ambrose
Lester Ambrose, Gone Fishing

Lester Ambrose
Lester Ambrose, Who's there?

Lester Ambrose
Lester Ambrose, Bar Au Lapin Agile

Leonard Nelson
Leonard Nelson, Figurative Abstraction #2

Leonard Nelson
Leonard Nelson, Figurative Abstraction #1

Francis Speight
Francis Speight, Canal Scene (Manayunk, Pennsylvania)

Michele Krauss
Michele Krauss, Momentum

Michele Krauss
Michele Krauss, Truth is Power

Michele Krauss
Michele Krauss, Global Oceans

Michele Krauss
Michele Krauss, Hope Between Poles

Michele Krauss
Michele Krauss, Through Paths

Walter Emerson Baum
Walter Baum, Winter Village

Morris Blackman
Morris Blackman, Expressionist Abstract

Antonio Martino
Antonio Martino, Reflections

Mabel Dodge
Mabel Dodge, The Pond

Peter Miller
Peter Miller, Five Ceremonial Dancers

Peter Miller
Peter Miller, Battle Scene

Peter Miller
Peter Miller, Two Figures

Peter Miller
Peter Miller, Turtle Ceremony

Peter Miller
Peter Miller, Pink Figures

Peter Miller
Peter Miller, Three Spirits

Peter Miller
Peter Miller, Feathers and Vessels

Peter Miller
Peter Miller, Life Force

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