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William Francis Taylor
William Francis Taylor, Canal Scene with Barge

Antonio Martino
Antonio Martino, Landscape by River with Figure

Louis Bosa
Louis Bosa, House on Canal

David Ellinger
David Ellinger, Harvest Sky

David Ellinger
David Ellinger, Tobacco Barn

David Ellinger
David Ellinger, Blue Hill

David Ellinger
David Ellinger, Spring Plowing

Rae Sloan Bredin
Rae Bredin, Bridge Scene

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Poetesse with Bird

Rae Sloan Bredin
Rae Bredin, Carroll Price Farm

Jean Halter
Jean Halter, Perry Mansion, New Hope

Hugh Breckenridge
Hugh Breckenridge, Gould's Court

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Bathers

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Woman at Basin

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Self Portrait

Robert Salmon
Robert Salmon, The Battleship Badger

Wharton Esherick
Wharton Esherick, Pennsylvania Landscape

Adolphe Piot
Adolphe Piot, Young Woman with Strawhat

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, White Pigeon - Paloma Blanca

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Fruit and Pearing Knife

Guy Carlton Wiggins
Guy Wiggins, One Winter's Day

Illegible Artist
Folk Art, Hunting Scene, 1852

Rudolph Freund
Rudolph Freund, The Speed of Mammals

Walter Schofield
Walter Schofield, Winter Morning, New Hope

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Landscape

Frederick Harer
Frederick Harer, Mirror

Selma Hortense Burke
Selma Hortense Burke, Fish

Fern Isabel Coppedge
Fern Isabel Coppedge, Lumberville House in Winter

George Van Hook
George Van Hook, Lambertville Morning

S. George Phillips
S George Phillips, Point Pleasant

John Fulton Folinsbee
John Folinsbee, Cows

Robert Spencer
Robert Spencer, Meadowland

George Sotter
George Sotter, Sotter's Barn

Daniel Garber
Daniel Garber, Dead End

Trisha Vergis
Trisha Vergis, Watermelon Slice

Trisha Vergis
Trisha Vergis, The Playhouse

David Ellinger
David Ellinger, Mocha Pitcher Still Life

David Ellinger
David Ellinger, Day of Rest

David Ellinger
David Ellinger, Love Feast

David Ellinger
David Ellinger, Amish School

David Ellinger
David Ellinger, Barn Hill

Antonio Martino
Antonio Martino, Repair Yard

John Folinsbee
John Folinsbee, View from Lambertville

Charles Courtney Curran
Charles Curran, Scarlett in Gold

Leonard Nelson
Leonard Nelson, Lonesome Blues

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Venus Retrieved from the Hands of Death

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Lunar Encounter with a Child

S. George Phillips
S George Phillips, Research Center, Maine

Hugh Bolton Jones and Francis Coates Jones
Hugh B. Jones and Francis C. Jones, River Landscape

Fern Isabel Coppedge
Fern Isabel Coppedge, Landscape in Winter

Joseph Amarotico
Joseph Amarotico, Tondo Blue

Albert Van Nesse Greene
Albert Van Nesse Greene, Two Figures by River

Melville Stark
Melville Stark, Bells Fish House, Long Boat Key, FL

Leonard Nelson
Leonard Nelson, Orange Abstract

Edward Ladell
Edward Ladell, Still Life Grapes and Plums

John Pierce Barnes
John Pierce Barnes, Impressionist Landscape

Warren Sheppard
Warren Sheppard, Breakers Along the Rocky Shore, Nantasket Beach, MA

Bernard Harmon
Bernard Harmon, Modern Man

Bernard Harmon
Bernard Harmon, Girl in Blue

Bernard Harmon
Bernard Harmon, Red, Orange and Green Plant

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