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M. Elizabeth Price
M Elizabeth Price, "Hollyhocks" Pair of Floral Panels

Hugh Bolton Jones and Francis Coates Jones
Hugh B. Jones and Francis C. Jones, River Landscape

Fern Isabel Coppedge
Fern Isabel Coppedge, Landscape in Winter

Joseph Amarotico
Joseph Amarotico, Tondo Blue

Albert Van Nesse Greene
Albert Van Nesse Greene, Two Figures by River

Melville Stark
Melville Stark, Bells Fish House, Long Boat Key, FL

Leonard Nelson
Leonard Nelson, Orange Abstract

William Lathrop
William Lathrop, Mill Wheel

Edward Ladell
Edward Ladell, Still Life Grapes and Plums

Arthur Meltzer
Arthur Meltzer, Winter Road

Daniel Garber
Daniel Garber, The Stream

Edward Redfield
Edward Redfield, Canal in Winter

William Stanley Haseltine
William S Haseltine, Narragansett Bay, Newport, RI

Warren Sheppard
Warren Sheppard, Breakers Along the Rocky Shore, Nantasket Beach, MA

Joseph Crilley
Joseph Crilley, Cathedral Milan

Jan Lipes
Jan Lipes - Lewis Island

John Ennis
John Ennis - Rebecca

John Pierce Barnes
John Pierce Barnes, Afternoon Walk

Clarence Holbrook Carter
Clarence H Carter, Over and Above No 1

John Pierce Barnes
John Pierce Barnes, Nature's Touch

John Pierce Barnes
John Pierce Barnes, All Alone

Henry Bayley Snell
Large Selection of Henry Snell Drawings & Watercolors

Albert Van Nesse Greene
Albert Van Nesse Greene, Belgian Market

Leonard Nelson
Leonard Nelson, Les Competiteurs

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Mosquito On Orange Mountain

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Lunar Encounter With A Child

Leonard Nelson
Leonard Nelson, Color Abstract #40

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Abstract Still Life

Leon Kelly
Leon Kelly, Landscape Abstract

Russell Patterson
Russell Patterson, My Villa in Normandy

Stanley Reckless
Stanley Reckless, Sunlight and Shadows

Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine
Cows, Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine

Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine
Horse Show, Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine

Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine
The Paddock Newbury, Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine

Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine
Policeman, Thomas Sherwood La Fontaine

Peter Howell
Bottom of Waren Hill, Peter Howell

Peter Howell
Through the Forest, Peter Howell

Peter Howell
On the Way to Mandown - Lambone, Peter Howell

Peter Howell
Six Horses with a Tower, Peter Howell

Peter Howell
Single Horse Walking by House, Peter Howell

Peter Howell
Horses #3 on Back, Peter Howell

Peter Howell
To the Gallops, Peter Howell

Emma Fordyce Macrae, Lady in Red

S. George Phillips, Delaware Water Gap

Henry Ryan MacGinnis, Tiger Lillies

Bernard Harmon
Bernard Harmon, Stars and Stripes

Bernard Harmon
Bernard Harmon, Young Man

Joseph Pearson, Jr.
Joseph Pearson Jr., Horses Feeding

Mary Elizabeth Price
Mary Elizabeth Price, Village Queen

Jimmy Lynch
Jimmy Lynch, Rich Hollow

Hugh Breckenridge
Hugh Breckenridge, Blue Landscape

Stango, Marilyn

Henry Bayley Snell
Henry Bayley Snell, Old Farmhouse

Ray Leight
Ray Leight, Cerebral

Leonard Nelson
Leonard Nelson, Colorfield

Ray Leight
Ray Leight,Tidy Slapper

Henry Snell
Henry Snell, Fisherman's Cove

Frederick Harer
Frederick Harer, Washerwomen

Rae Sloan Bredin
Rae Sloan Bredin, Bridge Scene

Rae Sloan Bredin
Rae Sloan Bredin, Along the Canal

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