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Erte, Harvest

Paulette Van Roekens
Paulette Van Roekens, Crystal Bar

Allen Dean Cochran
Allen Dean Cochran, Old Woodstock Days

Helen Reed Whitney
Helen Reed Whitney, Water and Sky

Clara Davidson
Clara Davidson, Summer on the River

Walter Launt Palmer
Walter Launt Palmer, Winter Morning

Luther Van Gorder
Luther Van Gorder, Paris Street Scene

Edward Dufner
Edward Dufner, The Artist's Wife

Henry Mosler
Henry Mosler, Woman Resting Beneath a Tree

Harriet Randall Lumis
Harriet Randall Lumis, Gloucester Wharf

Nancy Maybin Ferguson
Nancy Maybin Ferguson, Provincetown

Nancy Maybin Ferguson
Nancy Maybin Ferguson, Market Day

Nancy Maybin Ferguson
Nancy Maybin Ferguson, Park Benches

Joseph Amarotico
Joseph Amarotico, Architectural Fantasies

Kenneth Nunamaker
Kenneth Nunamaker, Village of Center Bridge

Michele Krauss
Michele Krauss, Truth is Power

Henry Snell
Henry Snell, Top of the Hill

Albert Van Nesse Greene
Albert Van Nesse Greene, Market in Paris

Kenneth Rollo Nunamaker
Kenneth Rollo Nunamaker, Delaware River View

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