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William Stanley Haseltine
William S Haseltine, Narragansett Bay, Newport, RI

Warren Sheppard
Warren Sheppard, Breakers Along the Rocky Shore, Nantasket Beach, MA

Joseph Crilley
Joseph Crilley, Cathedral Milan

Jan Lipes
Jan Lipes - Lewis Island

John Ennis
John Ennis - Rebecca

John Pierce Barnes
John Pierce Barnes, Afternoon Walk

Clarence Holbrook Carter
Clarence H Carter, Over and Above No 1

John Pierce Barnes
John Pierce Barnes, Nature's Touch

John Pierce Barnes
John Pierce Barnes, All Alone

Hugh Breckenridge
Hugh Breckenridge, Return of the Fishing Boat

Walter Emerson Baum
Walter Baum, Pennsylvania Winter

Albert Van Nesse Greene
Albert Van Nesse Greene, Old Swede's Church, Winter

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