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Susette Keast
The Blue Nose Racing Yacht- Sir Thomas Lipton's Boat circa 1920s

The Blue Nose Racing Yacht, by Susette Keast, is a lovely Impressionist painting by one of the best known members of The Philadelphia Ten. The Blue Nose depicts a very famous racing vessel. The ship was built in Nova Scotia in 1921. It was built as both a fishing ship and a racing schooner. Interestingly, in 1923 the Bluenose raced with the Columbia, a fishing schooner based out of Gloucester, Massachusetts, where this painting was painted. It was a controversial race; the Bluenose finished first, but was disqualified as it was said it fouled the Columbia during the race. The Columbia was deemed the winner. The Bluenose would go on to win many races over the years and was the pride of many Canadians. During the time of Prohibition the ship became a rumrunner. The ship was lost of Haiti in 1946. Considering Keast traveled often to Gloucester it is likely she painted the ship in 1923, the year of the now infamous race against the Columbia.

oil on panel, 9 1/2 x 11 1/2 inches
reproduction frame
signed on reverse
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