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    Gratz Gallery & Conservation Studio has helped many people during times of crisis to recover losses from water damage, physical damages from rips, tears or punctures, fire and/ or smoke damage as well as light to heavy soiling. We streamline the process for your fine art conservation requirements, offering an expedient and accurate response to your needs.

    We work either directly with the insurance company and its designated representative, or we’ll work directly with the claimant throughout the recovery process, to whatever extent required. Beginning with a complete inventory and assessment of damage we prepare a written estimate and will counsel you with all necessary information to determine your course of action.

    Upon approval we begin the packing, removal and transportation of your collection to our conservation studio, where we will expertly restore your art to its original condition in a timely manner. We will provide full insurance coverage for your art throughout the process as well as full treatment reports upon its completion. Return delivery and installation is also provided. We have many satisfied clients who have withstood loss and damage. We will skillfully assist and guide you through your loss with trustworthy expertise.